3 February 2015

Top 4 Things About Leaving Home

Hi Guys! 
So Today I thought I'd do a post about my top 4 things on moving out and going into your own home.  Now number 1 has to be decorating.  Your house means your rules which in my case means I can have as many cute accessories as I can get my hands on! When your living with your parents it's hard trying to fit so many cute little decor pieces into one room - and it starts to clutter things up. But in your own home you have the freedom and the choice of  as many rooms as you wish to put whatever you want, wherever you want. I personally love having flowers around and the more vibrant the better. I also love candles although this may just be a  winter phase! 

2. FOOD! Remember the days when you'd go home and moan to your parents as to why there was no good snacking food around? Well those days are over, now you do the food shop which means you choose everything. Right now my house is full of perfectly suitable 22 year old food - consisting of the likes of Nesquick, amazing chocolatey cereals, excessive amounts of Nutella jars - you get the drift! All the main food groups are clearly ticked off in my household...!

3. Serious Netflix days, these may last for hours or sometimes even days. Remember there are no rules now, no curfews, no trying to be quiet as to not wake anyone up, nothing - the world is your oyster. There is nothing better than finding a new series to binge watch and what's even better is there is no one who's going to moan at you for hogging for the tv. I'll be honest I have had some serious tv binge times e.g watching all 9 series Geordie Shore in the space of 3 weeks. Yikes.

4. Now before moving out, I had to cram all of my makeup and beauty related products into one room - my bedroom. This really sucked as my room got cluttered very quickly. But now I have a whole room dedicated to beauty! It is such a life saver having one room just for my make-up and hair care and nail polishes - it's literally like my little room of heaven. Sometimes I'm in there for hours and my boyfriend will come looking for me asking what have I been doing? Most of the time I'm re-arranging my nail polishes - such an exciting life I lead! 

So guys I just thought I'd share a few highlights of flying the nest and showing that it's not so scary after all :) 
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