3 October 2012


Hi Guys! So over the last couple of weeks I've picked up a few bits and bobs and so I thought I'd share them with you :)
I finally got my hands on these two beautiful polishes! Essie's Fiji and Bikini So Teeny. I was so pleased when I went into my local Boots and they actually had these two colours in stock usually there is just an empty place where the name tag lies. I'm head over heels for Fiji and is now in my top ten favourite polishes, it's such a light baby pink it's almost borderline nude, I think it'll be great for Autumn. Bikini So Teeny is a lilac/blue shade which has silver shimmer shining through out, when ever I wear this colour I always seem to get a lot of compliments on it, my camera really doesn't so this polish justice and it doesn't pick up the shimmer. I can see why these polishes had so much hype going around them!
Maybelline have recently brought out a new make up line - the FIT me range. I picked up a liquid foundation and a pressed powder, I got the foundation in number 120 - classic ivory and the powder in 225 - medium buff. So far I've been pretty pleased with these products, the foundation lasts a full working day with out having to touch up majorly, it gives a medium to full coverage and gives quite a dewy look. The powder to be honest isn't really anything special, it does what it says on the tin, it gives a matte look and helps hide the shiny side to your face! I do however LOVE the packaging, I think I'm drawn to packaging that looks neat, the powder compact also comes with a puff and mirror - which is always useful!
Everybody loves a good lip balm. I have all of the current Vaselines and they never seem to fail me, especially as winters on it way and no doubt dry skin will be on the cards vaseline will soon be a necessity. I saw that Vaseline had brought out a new limited edition balm. It's called pink bubbly and I love the packaging it's pink and looks super cute!

Ok so winters coming and this means no sunshine which means no more real tanning. This is where the trusty fake tan re appears. I thought this year I would put my fake bake and St. Tropez aside and try something new. I saw from a lot of reviews that Xen-tan was being raved about and was big in the game for fake tans. I picked up the "perfect blend" which has a dialler on so you can choose how much fake tan and bronzer you want to use, I love the concept of this. You can use 100% fake tan if you want to start doing a gradual look or if your in a hurry and need to be bronzed godess soon as possible you can use 100% bronzer which instantly gives a darker glow. I've really been enjoying this product and it doesn't have that horrible fake tan scent!
I've always seen people rave about the Topshop Coy lip stick but my local branch never...ever ever ever ever has it in stock. I was in London last weekend and managed to finally pick one up. I've been really pleased with the product, the colour is a beautiful bright coral pink. I've found it's quite a dry lip product but nothing a bit of lip balm and lip gloss can't fix! I can definately see why there was hype around this product, and would recommend it to others for sure. 

So what have you been buying recently?
Lots of Love

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