3 October 2013

Little Mix's Make Up line with Collection

Hi Guys, 
I was in Superdrug the other day when I saw that Little Mix had brought out some make up items with Collection, All of the items were under £4 so I thought I'd pick up a few pieces to try! 
First thing this is definitely aged at a younger more teenage age, but I still wanted to try some of the pieces out. I got Jesy and Leigh-Anne's trio eye shadow which were both £3.19 each and I also got Leigh-Anne's bronzer which was £2.99.
Leigh-Anne's Trio.

Jesy's Trio.

Leigh-Anne's Bronzer.

So as you can see for the price your getting a good amount of product and good pigmentation. The eyes shadows really suprised me how pigmented they are although I will say they do wear off and go quite dull throughout the day I had to top up around 2 o'clock from putting it on at 8 in the morning. The bronzer is so beautiful I love mosaic bronzers and I think the sheen on this one is just beautiful. I'm going on holiday In November and this is definitely coming with me!

Have you tried any of Little Mix's Collection products?

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