22 March 2015

Younique Pigments

Hi Guys, 
So in today's post I thought I'd share with you some new little treasures I've found; The Younique Moodstruck Mineral Pigments...basically eye pigments. Now I'm sure by now you will have heard of the infamous Younique brand, mainly known for it's 3D mascara well I decided to try their pigments and boy oh boy am I impressed. 
I decided to get a nice mix of colours and a range of shimmer and matte so I can create  a variety of looks. These little beauties are kind of pricey at £10 a pop but Younique had an offer of 3 for £27 so I couldn't really turn it down now could I?! I'm Such a sucker for makeup deals. 
The colours I brought were (from top left to bottom right): Giddy, Confident, Sexy, Infatuated, Curious and Daring. Curious is definitely my favourite colour by far it has the most beautiful iridescent shine to it - this is a real princess shade.  
I swatched all of the pigments using a primer but just look how beautiful they are! Curious and Sexy are most definitely my favourite colours, they are just the perfect highlight shades. 
The pigments blend beautifully and they're really easy to build up, I'll hopefully be doing a makeup tutorial using these little treasures - so watch this space! 
you can buy the pigments HERE .

21 March 2015

BarkBeats Box Review

Hi Guys!
Today I thought I'd do a review of the  BarkBeats Box, last month I...Molly was very kindly sent a box to review and well it's fair to say she LOVED it.  So when I received this month's I thought I'd share it with you guys. 
Most of you will know that my little doggy Molly is my world and it's fair to say that I buy her ALOT - definitely more than the average dog owner ha-ha. So I think that receiving a monthly box of treats is perfect. It's a nice little surprise for both Molly and I and it really does help save the pennies! I've found I don't feel the need to go as crazy in pet stores any more as I know that Molly will be receiving some special treats in the post. The box is 100% worth the money - especially if your a big dog lover like myself :)  They also donate at least 10% to various charities and you have the option to have a one off box, or subscribe for a period of over 6 months or even a year! 
For this month's review I thought I'd let Molly do the talking/barking: 
"Mom! Look the postman brought us another parcel! Bring it up here on the sofa. Can we open it now? Oh no she's got the camera okay okay lets get this over with and....pose....and relax. Oh good she's not looking, lets have a look see in here... hmmmmm this stuff smells so good and OMG I definitely see a ball in there" 

"I hate this photo malarky, I just want to eat this stuff. Yes the phones ringing hoorah! Great she's gone I have at least 5 minutes before she comes back in - she tends to walk around when she's on the phone, silly human. Wow the smell....no stay strong, what if Mom comes back when I'm trying to have a little taste...do I want take the risk of being told off...dam this smell....okay just one little peek...*nomnomnonmonmnom* this is so worth getting in trouble for."  

Okay here it is I brought it back I'm a good girl, now throw it, please..please..PLEASE! 
Definitely my new favourite toy, dam that camera okay here we go....pose...I am so Vogue." 

 "Mom come one lets go back outside and play with both toys, you can play with one too if you like? Hmm what's the flashing red thing she's got...oh, okay new necklace - cool, Mom is always wearing things on her neck and you know what they say a dog is like their owner. Hmm I bet the other dogs in the park don't have one of these, watch out Crufts I can see a future winner for Best Dressed...maybe biggest Diva too." 

So as you can see this months box had such a great variety of products in and as you'll notice everything is full sized! All together in the box there was:
 Good Boy Mini Bites
Armitage Choc Drops
Arquizoo Flasher
KONG Air Dog Football
Pooch & Mutt Treats 

You can also receive £5 off your first boxing using this code: MAYHEM5 
Have you tried any doggy subscription boxes? 

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