28 September 2013

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick

Hi Guys, 
I've said in previous posts how I'm really loving lip products at the moment. Rimmel have re-vamped and brought out new colours in their Moisture Renew line.  I literally wanted to grab all of the colours available but I restrained and only brought two. Rimmel really have upped their game with these lipsticks - moisturising check, - highly pigmented check, - affordable check, nice packaging check. These lipsticks have it all. They're priced at £6.49 each which is so good for the quality of these lipsticks. A few of these lipsticks have been duped for some well known MAC lipsticks too. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup did a great post showing the comparison of these lipsticks to some MAC ones, I'd definitely go check her post out (here)! 

So yes these lipsticks tick all the right boxes for me, and I can't wait to go pick up some more colours - especially some of the purple toned lipsticks! (They have some AMAZING winter colours!) 
As you can see the colours I got are "As you want Victoria" & "Ringa ringa roses" 
I loved these two colours, and I always find that I seem to go for a red/fuchsia colour and a light pink ( They are clearly my favourite lip colours at the moment). 

I Love these lipsticks and can't wait to buy more!


Collection work the colour eye shadow pencils

Hi Guys, 
So Today my post is on the Collection work the colour eye shadow pencils.  Recently I've been loving alternative eye make up, like these eye pencils and eye shadow cream pots instead of the usual basic eye shadows. These pencils are really smooth and glide on beautifully. They are so purse friendly at only £3.19 each! 

I brought the following colours, thinking that these were colours that I wouldn't normally go for - I usually grab a black and a brown and that's me so this time I decided to branch out.

The colours above are (From left to right) Denim Diva, Vintage Blush, Gunmetal Glitz, Vanilla Sky.

These colours are so beautiful, I think that Vanilla Sky is going to be so beautiful to put in the corner of your eyes. These colours glide on and blend so easily, they can be used as liners to give a small pop of colour or as a base for your eye shadow or even on their own smudged out. 

These are great for if your running late and need a quick make up fix. They last a decent amount of time and are great to have handy in your hand bag, I'd definitely recommend these!

Have you tried any type of eye shadow stick?


27 September 2013

New Barry M Products!

Hi Guys,
So Today I went into SuperDrug & the Barry M stand was chock full of new products (yay!)
I grabbed what interested me and ran to the till to pay, I was so excited to just go home and use the new beauty items.
I brought all of the new palettes which all include of 6 eye shadows and a blush, I also picked up some of the new nail polishes.
Now as always Barry M isn't a brand that's going to break the bank, the palettes were all £6.49 each and I believe that the nail polishes weren't any more than £3.99 each. When I was younger Barry M was one of the brands that I would drag my mom to, to buy me nail polishes galore. As I got older the same old products at Barry M started to bore me, that's why I was so excited to see these new items today!

                 So the 3 palettes, are Smokin' hot, Natural Glow and Glamour Puss.

Below is the Smokin' Hot Palette

Here is the Natural Palette

& finally here's the Glamour Puss Palette,

For just over £6 these palettes are amazing, the pigmentation & colour pay off is lovely. 
The palettes are just the right size to fit into your hand bag too!

 I also got some Barry M Nail polishes; 
From left to right: Crush, Mocha, Crystal Glaze, Lady, SuperDrug Limited Edition.

You can see me talk about these in my SuperDrug haul on my You
Tube Channel :)


26 September 2013

My Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

Hi Guys,
Today I thought I'd share with you my top 5 lipsticks for Autumn. I love Autumn make up colours, the burgandys, plums and chocolate browns. I didn't always like the darker autumn colours though I used to be so scared to try another lipstick colour that wasn't pink. I used to have images of myself looking like Wednesdays sister from the Adams family If I had a dark lip on. But no, one day I broke free of my pink ways and ventured into the Purple realms, and ever since I've never looked back.

I think a plum lipstick can really look lovely and if you find the right tones of purple to match your skin they can be super flattering on the teeth!

So here are my top 5's, now let me tell you this wasn't easy to choose! 

Okay so from left to right I have: 1. Kate Moss Rimmel 20 ( but I believe this is no longer number 20 as all the number got re-aligned) 2. Mac Plumful. 3. Max Factor Lilac Wine 665. 4.Famous, shade 9 Amethyst. 5. Loreal Plum Passion.

Now just because I'm super ditzy I didn't actually swatch the lipsticks in the order I photographed them - I know I'm so blonde! So from left to right above swatched there's: 1. Mac Plumful.
2. Famous, shade 9 Amethyst. 3. Max Factor Lilac Wine 665 4. Loreal Plum Passion 5. Kate Moss Rimmel 20.

I love all of these lipsticks and the majority of them are under the £10 mark!! 

So what's your favourite Autumn Lipstick?


15 September 2013

Drug Store Hero

Hi Guys :)
So when it comes to drug store brands hands down my favourite is Rimmel and this year in particular they have brought out some amazing products (Apocalips & Wake me up foundation I'm talking to you). But I think that I often forget about the other drug store brands, usually when I pop into Boots or Superdrug I'll go straight to the Rimmel stand, and ignore everything else around me. 
So recently I've been going a bit drugstore mad. I've brought items from Loreal, Barry M, Revlon, Maybelline, Collection 2000 basically them all! & I've found I have a new drug store brand hero. Maybelline

I can't believe how blind I've been to this brand, I know that Tanya Burr swears by their Falsies Mascara but apart from that I didn't know too much about the brand or products. 
Anyway I've been buying their products for the last couple of months now and thought I'd share with you my top 3 favourite Maybelline products. (Actually I had 4 favourites but I did a whole separate post on my ultimate number 1 Maybelline Product click here to read all about it!)
My top 3 products are: Brow Drama, Colour Tattoos & Expert Wear Mono eye shadows.

1. The Brow Drama is a recently new product for Maybelline, it's priced at £4.99 (BARGAIN) and is a finishing wand for brows. I've recently got into "grooming" my brows so I was keen to get my hands on it quick. At first I did have my doubts thinking how would this be different from using a clear mascara but it is just so much more! The wand shape has a ball on the end and it's really easy to match the shape of your brows, the formula is quite thick and I like this - it allows you to build up the amount of colour you want on your brows. 
I use this with my brow pencil and HD brow kit, all 3 make my brows perfect!

2. The Colour Tattoo eye shadow creams are amazing you guys, I have been using these for a good few months and I just can't get enough of them. The colour range is brilliant, the colour pay off  and pigmentation is great and the staying power really is all day. 
Again these are extremely purse friendly at just £4.99!!! Such an amazing price and this is the type of product that really will last you. 
I currently have 7 colours and I want so many more!

The shades I brought were; metallic pomegranate, eternal gold, on and on bronze, 24k gold, light in purple, turquoise forever, immortal charcoal. 
I use these almost every day now and they're great for bases or being used on there own if you're in a rush! 

3. So finally my last product from Maybelline is the Expert Wear Mono eye shadow.   These eye shadows are only £4.09, and you get a lot of product. I chose three colours to show you guys, these are ones that I find myself reaching for more often and I guess they're those sort of colours that you can wear everyday. 
From left to right: Iced Fudge, Silken Taupe, Beige Nude/Naked Beige

So there you have it my top 3 Maybelline products & they're all under £5. 
Have you tried any of these before?


11 September 2013

Baby Lips

Hi Guys!
So I'm pretty sure that most of you will have heard about the Maybelline Baby Lips by now. As soon as I saw these out in America I wanted them all! When they reached the UK I was so excited I literally grabbed as many as my hands could hold. 
I love lip balms as it is but the reviews of these were saying how amazing the tinted colour pay off was and how moisturising they were. I have to agree these are probably the best lip balms I've used. 
I love how they're tinted so you can treat and care for your lip whilst still having a pop of colour to your make up look. I wear these religiously to work and always have one handy in my handbag. 
There are 6 lip balms in total, three tinted and three plain. My personal favourite is Pink Punch the colour pay off this is unbelievable! Considering this is a lip balm it could definitely fool people into thinking you have a lipstick on. Maybelline have chosen such a great colour choice for their three tinted balms too, a pink, red and nude n my opinion these are the three staples for a girls lips.
The balms claim to have 8 hour hydration for your lips now I'm not 100% sure I agree with this but the colour lasts for a good few hours and my lips do feel on the softer side of life.
Above from left to right is Pink Punch, Cherry Me & Peach Kiss. These are the three tinted balms. The other three; Hydrate, Mint Fresh & Intense Care are all clear. 
I really would recommend for you to go out and buy one of these babys especially as they're only priced at £2.99!! Absolute bargain, not to mention Boots have buy one get one half price at the moment (buy baby lips here)!
These lip balms are great for on the go, for work, school, college and even nights out. They are one of my favourite new lips products so why don't you check them out too!


5 September 2013

Autumn has almost arrived.

Hi everyone, 

So one good thing about September is that Autumn is almost here, the first leaves from the tree's have started to fall and X-factor is back on my TV. Now I thought I'd do a post of some of my favourite staple Autumn things both fashion and beauty wise. 

The main thing I love about this season is jumpers! Jumpers are probably my favourite piece of clothing. You can switch them up or dress them down. I love wearing very plain basic jumpers and having collars  poking out from underneath, or wearing a huge statement necklace or even layering them with scarves. 
I love how you can wear a summer dress, pull over a jumper and 'voilĂ ' you have turned your summer dress into an Autumn outfit. & of course I love a good slouchy jumper - everyone has those days were you just want to snuggle up and feel cosy. 

Bringing my jumpers back towards the front end of my wardrobe also excites me for winter (I'm not going to lie I am already thinking about Christmas..yes I said it...CHRISTMAS!) I do love a good snowman jumper :)

Now I mentioned layering jumpers with scarves and that brings me to another Autumn favourite. I have way too many scarves for one girl. I love that you can be wearing the most boring of outfits and yet a colourful scarf or a scarf with a good design or print can completely transform your outfit. I also love having my leather jacket on with a scarf hanging either side. Of course I'm talking about cotton scarves not the thick woolly ones. Also as it is getting colder now I guess the scarves are rather good for keeping  that chill away in the evenings, although I much prefer to use scarves for their looks rather than their job to keep us warm. 

Another staple piece for the season leading off from keeping us warm is a coat. Every girl should have a good coat ready for Autumn, my personal pick for this season is a trench coat - it's still warm enough to keep you at a comfortable temperature but it's still light weight and easy to take around with you. 

& but oh course if your wearing the trench coat go and get the hat to match ladies. I'm loving the "floppy" hats right now, I don't have one at the moment but I need one! I saw Millie Mackintosh wearing one and that's when I decided they look amazing and I wanted one there and then. I think that hats are missed and forgotten a lot of the time, they add so much to an outfit and are such a key staple but ladies we are lacking showing them off! I put my hands up I am an offender of this too, I brought myself a bowler hat and definitely don't wear it enough, so yes this Autumn get the hats on girls!

So I can't really talk about Autumn without mentioning footwear. Now I love summer but I hate the footwear, don't get me wrong sandals are lovely - but I'm not a feet person so seeing everyone girl, man and their dog with their toes out kind of freaks me out!! So Autumn footwear is a big thumbs up from me - BOOTS! I love boots, weather they be brown, black, tall or small, heeled or studded, round or pointed I just can't get enough of them. It was so hard trying to limit the endless styles of boots down to a favourite specific pair but I think I'll be going with a heeled Chelsea boot. They are so versatile, can be worn casually or dressed up for a night out, they match dresses, jeans, disco pants basically everything! These boots are 100% a must have and if you don't have a pair...well why not, go and get some :)!  

Okay so last thing I must mention beauty. A great thing about the shorter days and cooler evenings is the make up switch over. My hot neon pinks and booming bright corals all get tucked away for the next summer and all of the plums, deep fuchsias and dark reds come out. I love purple lipsticks and a personal favourite is Plum Passion by Loreal for me this shade of plum matches my skin tone, doesn't make my teeth look horrible and just looks lovely! I was so nervous to try a shade of lipstick out side of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I did as now it's my favourite - I'd recommend giving the plums a chance this season, if you haven't already done so.
      Another plum themed make up item - eye shadow, I love deep purples, cranberry's and golden chocolate brown colours. These colours suit the Autumn mood so well and they really make me feel like I'm living and breathing Autumn. 

So what are your staple items for this coming season?

----Jumper; River Island. Scarf; River Island. Chelsea Boots; Missguided. Hat;Miss Selfridge. Lipstick;Loreal Plum Passion. Eyeshadow;Charlotte Tilbury The Vintage Vamp----

2 September 2013

September Wish List

Hi Guys, 
So this month I am completely skint! I somehow ended up paying off two holidays, not that I'm complaining as I'm sure I'll be loving life when I'm on the beach sipping cocktails! But anyway from paying these off it has left my purse looking pretty bare, so I decided to create my wish list of September. I am hoping to get these items eventually but for now I'm just dreaming of having them. 

1. Redken Diamond Oil around £30
As I've been taking care of my hair recently I've really got into my hair oils - I've always wanted to try Redkens product but none of their current products really drew me in. When I heard about this oil it caught my attention immediately & I've already heard so many good things around it, I definitely need to add this to my hair care routine! 

2. AX Paris pink laser cut play suit
I first saw this play suit being papped on Lucy Meck from Towie, I instantly thought it's probably way out of my price league so I didn't even bother to look into where it was from. I then saw a friend on Facebook wearing the same play suit - I asked her where it was from and when she replied New Look, I got so excited! I think that this play suit is the perfect barbie pink and would look amazing with a tan. 

3. Primark Sequin Dress £15
I know that we've literally only just hit September and the summer is still lingering around BUT I'm not ashamed to say I'm super excited for autumn and winter to hit. I Love my winter wardrobe and especially the night wear. It's all about the sparkles, glitter and sequins & I think that this dress screams winter ball. For £15 it's a steal, I need to get my hands on this beauty.

4. Primark Tartan Dress £15
I have a sneaky feeling that this year Primark are going to be ahead of the game with their autumn/winter collection, every piece I've seen so far looks amazing and bang on trend. I look on "Look Magazines" on-line site regularly to have a mooch at what Primark's got coming up - it's definitely worth taking a look, well I found this treat and I need it in my life, tartan,collar, bow all in one, this is just too cute for words.

5. Juicy Viva La Juicy Noire 30ml around £35
I'm a big fan of a lot of the Juicy perfumes but most of my perfumes are very "summer" scented smelling highly of floral and fruit fresh scents. I wanted something more mature a bit more suited to the weather and the winter season coming up, I smelt this and the scent of sandalwood and berry definitely grabbed my attention - delicious.

6. Charlotte Tilbury colour coded eye shadow palette - The Dolce Vita £38
Okay so this product really is high up on my wish list - from the moment I heard about these eye shadows I needed one in my life - for £38 it does sound pretty pricey but looking at how beautiful the colours are in this palette you could get so much wear out of it. I'm well and truly in love and want want want!

7. Three Floor Fashion China Blue Dress £178
Three words for this dress: ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! I am so in love with this dress but I just can't bring myself to spend so much on one item. I must admit I have been looking around and especially on Ebay they're are a few good replica dresses going round - I'm hoping maybe Topshop or Zara will come up with a similar design and at least then it'll be more in my price range!

So what are you wishing for this month?! 

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