30 October 2014

FABB Events Birmingham

Hi Guys, 
So on Sunday I went along to the FABB bloggers event in Birmingham. Now if you're not sure what FABB events is, it's two girls, Ray and Torr, who arrange blogging events that bring brands and bloggers together. The great part is you don't know what brands will be at the event until you arrive so there's a great element of surprise. 
The event was held in Alfie Birds in the Bustard Factory - it was such a perfect location, there were multiple floors to explore and the venue also provided food and drink if needed. There was a real rustic feel to the place which I loved and just at the entrance of the building there was a small pool with seating around. 
 Now there were so many amazing different brands at the event - but 2 that really stood out to me were StyleSkin Fur and MeMeMe Cosmetics. I had never heard of StyleSkin before but oh my gosh I'm glad I know about them now! They have the most beautiful range of fur bags, gilets and jackets. I feel head over heels in love with a monochrome gilet *hurry up payday*.
 MeMeMe Cosmetics had a truly amazing stand, I had heard of this brand before but never really tried the products. I'm genuinely so impressed with the range of make up that they offer and colour ranges and I'm so excited to try out the products in my goody bag from them! 
Now there so many other amazing brands were at the event - I've shown a few photos below to show little snippets of what the event was like and what brands were there. I also had a photo with Tor who amazingly pulled this event together. (Go & check her out here!)
 I would definitely recommend going to a FABB event if one pops up by you! For £10 a ticket you really can't go wrong :)
I've also done a video showing what was in my good bags in more detail - I warn you though it's a good 20 minutes long so grab a  cuppa before you start watching.


27 April 2014

Matte Lipstick Love

Hi Guys, 

So today I bring you a true beauty budget product. For a while I've been on the hunt for some matte lipsticks, I never used to be a fan but more recently it's all I can see on Pintrest, Instagram and I must admit seeing all these pretty matte lip looks I wanted to get in on the action! 
So I set out and managed to find four AMAZING colours.
These lipsticks are from MUA, I got mine at Superdrug and they only cost £1 each! Yes you did read that right only £1! That's only a hundred pennies - such a bargain!

So the colours that I got, from left to right, Totally Nude, Pouty Pink, Lilac Belle and Scarlett Siren. As you can see these lipsticks are actually really pigmented, especially for only being a pound! My personal favourite is Lilac Belle, it's a very adventurous colour for me but I think that
now it's Spring it's acceptable to try and pull off lilac lips. 
One thing I will add though is that because these are matte lipsticks they are very drying, so girls   make sure you moisturise your lips before applying this lipstick - we all know chapped lips and dry lipstick are one of the worlds biggest no go's. 

I thought I had to share this find with you all, as well or £1 you just can't go wrong :)

7 April 2014

Barry M Spring Nail Polishes

Hi Guys, 

So the other week I came across 3 of the most beautiful nail polishes EVER! 
Barry M has brought out 3 new colours for Spring and they are 100% on trend, if you're a pastel lover keep on reading!

So from left to right we have Sugar Apple, this is almost a muted neon with a cross between a pale blue and tiffany green . Next Rose Hip this is one of the prettiest baby pinks I have it's so soft and has really cool undertones which makes it the perfect spring pink. & finally Huckleberry a perfect spring baby blue with hints of lilac in (this is definitely my favourite!)

These nail polishes are only £2.99 each! (I know this is beyond amazing). So what are you waiting for go go go and grab these spring bloomin' beauties.


21 March 2014

Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush

Hi guys, so today's post is on a fairly new product the Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush. I picked up the colour 'Made You Look' at my local Boots for £4.99. I saw this product on the shelf and to be honest at the time I didn't really know what this product was I just saw that it was something new that I hadn't tried or heard of before and low and behold it appeared in my basket (this is showing some serious shopoholic signs).
Now it was only when I got home that I realised this wasn't an ordinary blush - the packaging is something very different and nothing like I'd seen before. The blush is contained within a small pot with a mirror on the upper lid. Inside the bottom half of the pot is a sponge blush applicator and in the roof of the lid is the blush product itself. So the idea is every time you open this pot there will be blush on the applicator ready and waiting to use. 
Now I did get pretty excited and thought this was a genius idea, however when I actually tried this technique out I was marjorly disappointed!  The blush applicator quite literally transfers the blush like a stamp - hence the name - and I found that the colour was hard to blend out it felt literally like I was rubbing the pastel chalks you use to have at school on my face. I've tried to show below what I mean by the Stamp effect and how harsh the colour is when trying to blend it out. (first photo without flash and second with)
So overall I do think that the concept and idea of this product is good but if I'm honest girls this just wasn't for me and I won't be buying any other colours. 

Have you brought this product - did you like it? Let me know!

20 March 2014

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

Hi Guys,
So the sun has finally made an appearance here in the UK , and this means one thing. Spring is on it way, So in honour of the great British weather I thought I'd do a Spring themed post. Now I love Spring soon as I see all the flowers blooming and the trees starting to go greener and the sun staying out longer I think yay! Skirts, frilly socks and pastels.
Now I don't care what year it is or what the current trend is for me pastels will always be a Spring favourite, I think that they just get your nails ready for the Bright summer colours to come and ease them away from the red, greys and glitters of winter.
It was pretty easy getting my top 5 spring nail polishes and coincidently they all happen to be Essie Polishes! (Looks like Essie is a favourite nail brand).
So From Left to Right My top 5 colours are; (& this is in favouritism order too)
 Mint Candy Apple, now I know every blogger and her dog has this polish but I think it is just the perfect colour for Spring, it's fresh, bold but still subtle and just adds that perfect pop of colour to any outfit.
Nail polish number 2 is Go Ginza, now this is the newest polish out of the 5 but I love it just as much. this is a muted lilac and just screams sophistication, this is perfect for the more formal affairs.
Next up Bikini So Teeny, I have no words for this beauty of a nail polish, it's in between a purple and a blue has gorgeous teeny tiny  iridescent glitter throughout and I find if I'm ever unsure what colour to paint my nails this one always seems to make an appearance.
Roll up polish number 4, We're in it together. Now girly girls of the world this ones for you, what better way to bounce into Spring than with the perfect pink. This colour was made for spring time it's the perfect balance between a true pink and pastel pink and has subtle glitter running throughout and when it caches the light it looks divine.
Now last in line is the infamous Fiji. Girls what can I say about this - we all know it and we all love it, the perfect mix between a nude and a pink and this colour matches everything.
So girls what are your top spring colours?

15 March 2014

Harvey Nichols Beauty School Drop out

 Hi guys so on Wednesday 12th I went along to the Harvey Nichols Beauty School Drop out event.
This was a night dedicated to makeup and skincare and had a school theme - such a brilliant idea! They had turned the shop floor into a classroom and had different blackboards all in different areas of the store with different subjects on, there was an Art department where fashion illustrator Milly Jackson was drawing guests (which FYI the drawings were insanely good!) There was a Science department where different brands were giving one on one demonstrations of how certain products worked. There were a few more departments and then there was, the main attraction, the Assembly stage. This is where each hour a different brand would come up and give demonstrations, talks and have Q&A sessions - on here there were the likes of Benefit, Space NK, GHD, Elemis and more (So some pretty big names were up there doing their thang).

So first thing I walked in through the doors and was greeted with the most wonderful cocktail! It was so cute in an old glass milk bottle with a red and white striped straw - The cocktails were super yummy too (both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

I then noticed an old sweet shop stall which had all the favourite and classic sweets on!
As I then wandered around the shop floor I got drawn in to the various departments and noticed that in the Music department there was a DJ! (Believe me after a few cocktails being in the music department I wanted to have a good old boogie!)

Anyway there were also games dotted around, one being "spin the lipstick" every time you made a purchase you had the chance of spinning a dial and it had the chance of either landing on a prize or a blank. If it landed on a prize you got to choose from an unbelievable range of prizes - there was Vivienne Westwood, WildFox, Valentino, Cloud 9, Benefit - you get the idea! ( I even managed to bag myself a cute little WildFox Tee).

Now an extra bonus on the night was that the tickets purchased (£10 per person) could be redeemed against any beauty purchase on the evening - I thought this was such a fantastic idea! (& it meant more goes on spin the lipstick!)

Now yes I did get caught up in the excitement on the night and I did come home with a fair few goodies, both purchased and freebies (hoorah!) My main treat of the night was being treated to a benefit eyebrow wax, re-shape and style. Now ladies I am so lazy when it comes to my eyebrows - I leave them for months and then when I do tweeze them I get extremely tweezer happy and end up having about 6 actual hairs forming my eyebrows. So when the benefit brow team said they could give my eyebrows some love I thought girls you have a challenge! Now I am so shocked, my brows under 15 minutes transformed from zeros to heros. They were re-shaped so they matched my face shape perfectly, they had been waxed (which not going to lie did make the eyes water a little), tweezed and filled in all the right places and overall I had some designer looking brows.
Now the girls from benefit used the Gimme Brow, Brow Zings and Boing concealer to give me my beautiful brows, I already had the Brow Zings and Boing concealer at home but I did end up  buying the Gimme Brow, this for me really was a must have product! (& I am doing a whole new blog post dedicated to it's amazingness!)

I also took a stop off at Elemis and was indulged to many various products and spoke about my skin type and what to avoid and what sort of skin care regime I should have which was super helpful! Some Elemis products too have slipped home with me along with the Gimme Brow (Woops - sorry bank card!)

So all in all the night was wonderful, I can't tell you everything that I did on the evening as ladies we'd be here all night. All you really need to know is that it was great evening even the staff on the night were so lovely and I must admit I always had a drink in my hand not once did a host see me without one, and the general atmosphere of the evening had such a buzz!
So thanks Harvey Nics - it truly was an amazing evening!

(Here's a few pics form the evening showing some of my goodies)

16 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lip gloss Review

Hi Guys, 
So most of you will know the amazing Tanya Burr has recently brought out her own make up line which includes a range of lip glosses and nail polishes. 
Now as soon as I heard about this new launch I immediately got way over excited, first off Tanya is one of my favourite go to beauty gurus and secondly lip gloss is my favourite make up piece, so for me, this news was music to my ears.
I ordered the products from feel unique, and got five lip glosses and one nail polish. The lip glosses are priced at £6.99 each and the nail polish £5.99, so I think they're completely reasonable prices - I've also heard that the products will soon be launched in Superdrug! (this may be dangerous for my purse...) 

So now on to the good stuff, the lip glosses I ordered were; Afternoon Tea, Smile Dream Sparkle, Aurora, Picnic in the Park and Exotic Island. (In exact order as shown in the photo's below) The nail polish I got is called Midnight Sparkles, and as you can see the packaging for the products are so utterly beautiful (I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging!) 
  Here are some swatches of the glosses, again as in the same order shown in the photographs above, the first image below is without flash and then with flash underneath.
So as you can see the glosses are so super pigmented! The formula is extremely soft and moisturising, the gloss is pretty standard when it comes to lasting power it stays for a few hours, which is fine we all know that gloss needs re-applying through out the day anyway. 

My current favourites are Afternoon Tea and Exotic Island. Afternoon Tea is quite simply the most perfect lip gloss for a Sunday, it such a perfect mix between a nude and a pink and it's so wearable with any make up look, on a Sunday I like to wear more relaxed "no make-up, make-up look" and this lip gloss just makes everything look so pretty. Exotic Island is more of a fun gloss that adds a cheeky pop of colour, I think that if your lips look good then the rest of your make up will naturally go along and if your lips look pretty it gives the illusion you've spent a long time on your make up.

Overall I really do love these glosses and I will 100% be buying more!
I can't really say too much about the nail polish yet as I haven't had a chance to use it, but soon as I do I will keep you all updated!

Have any of you guys brought any of Tanya's products?

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