24 February 2015

Beauty Happy Hour with YouTube

Hi Guys!
So recently I was invited to go up to the YouTube Creator Space and attend a beauty evening - of course I wasn't going to say no! 
I had planned to meet up with my lovely friend Bonnie before hand and we'd arranged to meet up in Victoria station at around 5pm. Unfortunately due to rubbish weather and serious traffic delays I didn't get into London until 7pm! which meant I'd been on my coach for over 4 hours Eek!  I finally got to the station met up with Bonnie and off we went on our way! 
Luckily the night wasn't too time structured it was more of a "drop in" event. The night was couple of hours long and boasted a variety of beauty activities in each of the Studio Rooms. The night also included talks from Youtubers such as the beautiful Anchal talking about sounds and how to improve your videos.
There was a photographer in one room who had an amazing set up. With his strobe lights, fan and photography techniques he could make you look like the next face to hit Vogue - seriously. 
There was also a nail bar, where three girls were creating the most beautiful nail designs - I was extremely jealous I didn't have time to get my nails done, they had the most steady hands I have ever seen! 
 There was also a room where two lovely girls were creating hair masterpieces. Girls were walking out of that room looking like rainbow princesses...no joke. I went in and came out with some beautiful deep and pastel pink low lights - I LOVED it! Unfortunately the colour was wash out but still for one night only I looked like a pink princess. The girl who did my hair used some Bleach London hair crayons so I am definitely going to picking some of those up on pay day! 
There was also lots of super yummy goodies scattered around the place and a free bar - although I was very proud of myself and only had fruit and just had soft drinks - go me! 
In the room where the YouTuber talks were happening they had turned the studio into a pop up kitchen and living room - it looked so homely and comfy - I definitely had some interior design light bulb moments! It was in here where I spent most of my time chatting away to different girls and boys and swapping channel names and talking about our favourite YouTubers. I also met the most lovely girl - I believe her name was Ximena, but I could have totally spelt it wrong, anyway here's her channel if your interested in checking her out :).

I took a fair few snaps of the evening and just thought I'd share them with you!



12 February 2015

Feeling Crafty

Hi Guys!
So the other day I decided to get crafty and make these beautiful floral letters for my flat. I always see  these letters being sold online on esty or ebay but I kept thinking I'm sure I could make those myself and do you know what I could and it was super cheap and seriously easy to make :)
Okay first things first your going to need;
-Some 3D cardboard or wood letters, I opted for cardboard and these were £1 each from HobbyCraft.
-Some paper mache, You can get this again from HobbyCraft, I opted for a beautiful Cath Kidston Design.
-Some PVA Glue mine is bog standard kids PVA glue that was £1, again from HobbyCraft. 
-Finally you'll need a paint brush of some sort, I just found an old one lying around and of course you'll need some scissors 
So the first thing you need to do is make sure the piece of paper mache is large enough to fit around your letter. 
Now you'll need to coat one side of your letter in PVA glue - don't be afraid to get messy here either. You can then start to wrap the paper ache around the shape of the letter, I found it easy to use my hands to mould the paper to the letter and little tip here keep on adding that PVA glue! It doesn't matter if it goes on over the top of the paper design as it dries clear anyway :)
And once you've covered your letter I'd recommend leaving it to dry overnight and then adding another layer just so that none of the cardboard colour is showing through , and well you guys that's it! It really is a super simple and cheap way to spruce up your home :)

10 February 2015

Celebrating 1000 Subscribers!

So last week I hit a thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel! I know, I know these days people usually celebrate when they hit the likes of a hundred thousand or even a million *gulp*! But I am so thrilled that I've hit this amazing milestone - When I first started my YouTube Channel I never in a million years expected to have a hundred subscribers let alone a thousand!  

My one and only 2015 New Years resolution was to focus more on my YouTube and Blog and well clearly it's working!  I think in December I had around 400-500  subscribers and today I have around 1,300! So I'm feeling really proud of myself and I think that all my hard work is really paying off this year.

So of course I had to celebrate reaching a thousand subscribers - so Aaron and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal and off we went to the Finest Catch. I love going there and it's decorated like an American Diner inside so it's an Instagram lovers dream. The food is pretty simple but I like it - it's very basic and doesn't try to be fancy - which I like. 
We started off with some garlic bread and breaded mushrooms, the mushrooms being for Aaron, I'll never understand the love of mushrooms - it's just fungus in my eyes. Then for my main I had macaroni cheese with chips , sounds a bit odd but I am a huge macaroni cheese fan and dipping chips in makes it just that little bit better. For Aaron's main he  had good old cod and chips - now here's a fun fact I don't actually like 'fish and chips' I only like the chips, I'm a pretty fussy eater.  We also decided to be very naughty and treated ourselves to two, yes two mint chocolate chip milkshakes  - they were amazing, very seriously amazing. 
It was so lovely going out for a meal in celebration of something, and I was just beaming all night looking like a cheshire cat! Again I just wanted to say the biggest thank you ever to all my subscribers and I will also be doing a giveaway on my YouTube channel very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.  


7 February 2015

Valentines Day DIY Gifts

Hi Guys!
So Today I did my Valentines Day DIY Gift Video and I thought I'd just share some of the pieces that I did: 

All of these gift ideas were all around the five pound mark or under! I definitely think a home made valentines gift is so much more personal, it shows that you've put effort into your gift, these are perfect for your boyfriend, girlfriend or even family and friends. 

You can also check out my video here where I show you step by step how to create these beautiful gifts. 


5 February 2015

Believe In Yourself

Hi Guys,
So today I wanted to do a slightly different post to usual. More recently I've been thinking about life in general (yikes I hear you say she's getting deep - I know but stay with me on this one). It makes me sad to see that so many people are brought down by such small things and how people never give them selves any credit anymore. I think that now in this day and age social media is the biggest it has ever been and although this is fantastic it also has it's down falls. I know for a fact I'm fed up of seeing the hate that floats around here there and everywhere and how now it's not just in your everyday life but online too, and I'm pretty sure you guys are too. 
It's so sad how sometimes one nasty comment can bring down the walls and crumble someone for good, it's so heart breaking that one wrong word can make someone blind to the thousands of nice  things that surround them.   

So I wanted to do a post that shares with you how I manage to ignore the bad parts of life and how I keep the hate out of my life for good! Now the three most important words in this whole post are: Believe In Yourself. I know this may seem very cliche or simple but believe me when I say changing your frame of mind can have the biggest impact of your life. 
The first step of avoiding the negative circle is starting with you and your frame of mind. If you start to listen to all the negative things and you start to think or relate to these things, then you're already being sucked in to the circle of hate before you even realise. But if you say to yourself that 'I know I can do this' then that is the first step of ignoring half the negative comments that are going to come your way, so what if someone says you can't do it, so what if someone laughs at you for trying - at the end of the day if you believe in yourself and you believe then you can do it - then you can!  
The biggest key in life is simply believing in yourself. This small but simple thing is so so powerful and this frame of mind will turn almost every negative thing that you come into contact with into a positive.  

This year I've been on a real roller coaster of hate  'Don't buy a house you're wasting your money' 'You're too young to buy somewhere' 'Why are you getting a new job? ' 'Why do you do weird videos on makeup'. 
Well because I believe in myself I know that  I'm a perfect age to buy a house, I have the money to buy a house so why not!, I'm going to take a risk and get that new job to develop my career, I Love filming videos about make-up and getting involved with the Makeup community. 

Seriously you guys I never do 'serious life talk' posts but I really wanted to share with you how just having a different frame of mind and believing in yourself can have the biggest impact ever. 
So remember if you ever start to face negativity or get sucked in too deep, just take a step back and remember to Believe In Yourself

3 February 2015

Top 4 Things About Leaving Home

Hi Guys! 
So Today I thought I'd do a post about my top 4 things on moving out and going into your own home.  Now number 1 has to be decorating.  Your house means your rules which in my case means I can have as many cute accessories as I can get my hands on! When your living with your parents it's hard trying to fit so many cute little decor pieces into one room - and it starts to clutter things up. But in your own home you have the freedom and the choice of  as many rooms as you wish to put whatever you want, wherever you want. I personally love having flowers around and the more vibrant the better. I also love candles although this may just be a  winter phase! 

2. FOOD! Remember the days when you'd go home and moan to your parents as to why there was no good snacking food around? Well those days are over, now you do the food shop which means you choose everything. Right now my house is full of perfectly suitable 22 year old food - consisting of the likes of Nesquick, amazing chocolatey cereals, excessive amounts of Nutella jars - you get the drift! All the main food groups are clearly ticked off in my household...!

3. Serious Netflix days, these may last for hours or sometimes even days. Remember there are no rules now, no curfews, no trying to be quiet as to not wake anyone up, nothing - the world is your oyster. There is nothing better than finding a new series to binge watch and what's even better is there is no one who's going to moan at you for hogging for the tv. I'll be honest I have had some serious tv binge times e.g watching all 9 series Geordie Shore in the space of 3 weeks. Yikes.

4. Now before moving out, I had to cram all of my makeup and beauty related products into one room - my bedroom. This really sucked as my room got cluttered very quickly. But now I have a whole room dedicated to beauty! It is such a life saver having one room just for my make-up and hair care and nail polishes - it's literally like my little room of heaven. Sometimes I'm in there for hours and my boyfriend will come looking for me asking what have I been doing? Most of the time I'm re-arranging my nail polishes - such an exciting life I lead! 

So guys I just thought I'd share a few highlights of flying the nest and showing that it's not so scary after all :) 

2 February 2015

Battle of the Face Masks

Hi Guys,
So not so long ago I started looking into and reading reviews on what face mask I should buy from Lush and the top two names that kept on popping up were: Cupcake (£6.50) and Mask of Magnaminty (£9.75). So I decided to buy both masks and trial them out over a period of time. 

Now the first main difference on the masks is that Cupcake is a fresh face mask and it has to be kept in the fridge, whereas Mask of Magnaminty is self-preserving so you can leave it on your bathroom shelf. Neither of these storing requirements really bothered me, although cupcake does feel lovely and cooling as it's been in the fridge!
Cupcake smells divine. It actually smells and looks like cake mix. It's actually made from Rhassoul mud which basically helps to give your skin a real deep clean. There's also some fresh mint to tone your skin and some cocoa butter in there to help moisturise and soften your skin. Now When I use this mask it seriously does leave my skin feeling as smooth as can be, I literally can't stop touching my face - it feels clean, smells minty and so soft. However I don't think this has really helped with the spot situation. I think that this mask is more for when you want to give yourself a bit of Me time and have a pamper session, rather than using it to target problem areas.

Mask of Magnaminty on the other hand smells awful. I'm not going to lie the scent just isn't for me. The only way I can describe the scent is well..it smells of nature. This mask is made with peppermint oil, marigold oil and chlorophyll (whatever that is?!) which all help to treat the skin, with the help of primrose and aduki beans to exfoliate the skin. Now although this mask doesn't smell the best it does help in calming down my face...big time! Spots beware this mask means business and I actually feel like my spots have reduced or dried out, or my skin has called down when I've used this, which has been a real life saver. 

My overall verdict of these masks is that I Love them both. They both do amazing things for my skin and are both made for different purposes. If your looking for something to hit these problem areas then definitely go for the Mask of Magnaminty but if you just want a fun mask to have on when the girls are round grab your self some of the cupcake mask. 

Have you guys tried either of these masks? 

1 February 2015

My Victoria's Secret Experience

Hi Guys!
So today I thought I'd share my very first Victoria Secret experience with you. So I'll start from the very beginning; I came to realise recently that well, I needed some new bras. I literally haven't been measured since I was 16...I know it's been way too long.  I got up and thought right I know I'll go down to Marks and Spencers and get measured and buy myself lots of new bras and underwear - right plan done. Except the plan totally didn't go to plan - I went down to M&S where I was greeted by the rudest woman I have ever met - I went up to the fitting rooms and asked about getting a bra fitting appointment. This woman very literally looked down her glasses at me and said have you not got an appointment already? No I replied and  explained how I didn't realise I had to pre-book and if I could book something now maybe? Hell to the No. This woman was flicking through her appointment booking ermming and arghing until she finally snapped saying 'well we're fully booked for over 4 weeks'. I asked if they could call and book at different nearby stores - the woman returned a look that could have turned me to stone - so I walked off. Thanks M&S for your great customer service....NOT! 
Now I'm not going to lie I was pretty bummed about not being re-sized as I was actually looking forward to it. I continued my shopping journey into the Bullring and then I found myself at the doors of Victoria Secret - I couldn't believe I didn't think of this sooner. I had completely forgotten that a brand new Victoria Secret store had opened in my home town. I literally ran inside the door smiling like a cheshire cat. I was instantly blown away by 1. the scent of the store, it smelt like heaven 2. the merchandise that was on display, all amazingly beautiful and 3. the friendliness of the staff, within 5 minutes I was having a meet and greet session with one the store assistants and once I'd asked about being bra fitted I was whisked away to what I can only describe as the worlds most beautiful changing room - the wallpaper had glitter on, need I say more?  
Once inside the changing room I had my personal bra fitter who was literally the loveliest human being on earth. She got her measure out told me to put my hands up arms round and so on, and then she gave me my new size- hallelujah! I was finally given my new size. The assistant went on to explaining how the swing works and how not wearing your correct size can really impact on your shoulders, back and even how you walk - who knew?! I then explained to the assistant what sort of bras I was looking for and off she went in a flash and came back with literally about 15 of the most beautiful bras I'd ever laid eyes on. 
We went on trying some on, adjusting the straps prancing round the dressing room seeing what it looked like from all angels until I finally whittled it down to 2. Typical me I managed to get down to a plain black and a plain white - hello plain Jane! But regardless these bras were still beautiful comfortable and pretty practical too. 
I opted for the White Multiway, which I was told was a bestseller; a beautiful white bra with lace trimming the bottom and it could be strapless or have variety of different strap combinations. And I went of the Black Demi- a nice simple everyday bra that is made with a material so soft you feel like your not even wearing a bra. I was so happy with my choices and so off I went to the till and said my goodbyes and thank you's to the wonderful assistant who'd be helping me. I handed over my bras and let the till assistant scan them through - OMG - £80. For two bras. I know it's so expensive but I sort of didn't mind - not only did I have two bras that I knew I would get a lot of wear out of but I also had the most amazing experience within the store and well the bras are Victoria Secret - what do you expect?! To my joy as I'd purchased two bras that day I got a £15 gift voucher to spend on my next visit too, which I thought was pretty good indeed. 
So overall Victoria Secret was amazing - not just the products they sell but also they're entire shopping experience and I just felt like I had to share it with you all :)

Have you guys ever been to a VS store?

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