10 February 2015

Celebrating 1000 Subscribers!

So last week I hit a thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel! I know, I know these days people usually celebrate when they hit the likes of a hundred thousand or even a million *gulp*! But I am so thrilled that I've hit this amazing milestone - When I first started my YouTube Channel I never in a million years expected to have a hundred subscribers let alone a thousand!  

My one and only 2015 New Years resolution was to focus more on my YouTube and Blog and well clearly it's working!  I think in December I had around 400-500  subscribers and today I have around 1,300! So I'm feeling really proud of myself and I think that all my hard work is really paying off this year.

So of course I had to celebrate reaching a thousand subscribers - so Aaron and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal and off we went to the Finest Catch. I love going there and it's decorated like an American Diner inside so it's an Instagram lovers dream. The food is pretty simple but I like it - it's very basic and doesn't try to be fancy - which I like. 
We started off with some garlic bread and breaded mushrooms, the mushrooms being for Aaron, I'll never understand the love of mushrooms - it's just fungus in my eyes. Then for my main I had macaroni cheese with chips , sounds a bit odd but I am a huge macaroni cheese fan and dipping chips in makes it just that little bit better. For Aaron's main he  had good old cod and chips - now here's a fun fact I don't actually like 'fish and chips' I only like the chips, I'm a pretty fussy eater.  We also decided to be very naughty and treated ourselves to two, yes two mint chocolate chip milkshakes  - they were amazing, very seriously amazing. 
It was so lovely going out for a meal in celebration of something, and I was just beaming all night looking like a cheshire cat! Again I just wanted to say the biggest thank you ever to all my subscribers and I will also be doing a giveaway on my YouTube channel very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.  


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