1 February 2015

My Victoria's Secret Experience

Hi Guys!
So today I thought I'd share my very first Victoria Secret experience with you. So I'll start from the very beginning; I came to realise recently that well, I needed some new bras. I literally haven't been measured since I was 16...I know it's been way too long.  I got up and thought right I know I'll go down to Marks and Spencers and get measured and buy myself lots of new bras and underwear - right plan done. Except the plan totally didn't go to plan - I went down to M&S where I was greeted by the rudest woman I have ever met - I went up to the fitting rooms and asked about getting a bra fitting appointment. This woman very literally looked down her glasses at me and said have you not got an appointment already? No I replied and  explained how I didn't realise I had to pre-book and if I could book something now maybe? Hell to the No. This woman was flicking through her appointment booking ermming and arghing until she finally snapped saying 'well we're fully booked for over 4 weeks'. I asked if they could call and book at different nearby stores - the woman returned a look that could have turned me to stone - so I walked off. Thanks M&S for your great customer service....NOT! 
Now I'm not going to lie I was pretty bummed about not being re-sized as I was actually looking forward to it. I continued my shopping journey into the Bullring and then I found myself at the doors of Victoria Secret - I couldn't believe I didn't think of this sooner. I had completely forgotten that a brand new Victoria Secret store had opened in my home town. I literally ran inside the door smiling like a cheshire cat. I was instantly blown away by 1. the scent of the store, it smelt like heaven 2. the merchandise that was on display, all amazingly beautiful and 3. the friendliness of the staff, within 5 minutes I was having a meet and greet session with one the store assistants and once I'd asked about being bra fitted I was whisked away to what I can only describe as the worlds most beautiful changing room - the wallpaper had glitter on, need I say more?  
Once inside the changing room I had my personal bra fitter who was literally the loveliest human being on earth. She got her measure out told me to put my hands up arms round and so on, and then she gave me my new size- hallelujah! I was finally given my new size. The assistant went on to explaining how the swing works and how not wearing your correct size can really impact on your shoulders, back and even how you walk - who knew?! I then explained to the assistant what sort of bras I was looking for and off she went in a flash and came back with literally about 15 of the most beautiful bras I'd ever laid eyes on. 
We went on trying some on, adjusting the straps prancing round the dressing room seeing what it looked like from all angels until I finally whittled it down to 2. Typical me I managed to get down to a plain black and a plain white - hello plain Jane! But regardless these bras were still beautiful comfortable and pretty practical too. 
I opted for the White Multiway, which I was told was a bestseller; a beautiful white bra with lace trimming the bottom and it could be strapless or have variety of different strap combinations. And I went of the Black Demi- a nice simple everyday bra that is made with a material so soft you feel like your not even wearing a bra. I was so happy with my choices and so off I went to the till and said my goodbyes and thank you's to the wonderful assistant who'd be helping me. I handed over my bras and let the till assistant scan them through - OMG - £80. For two bras. I know it's so expensive but I sort of didn't mind - not only did I have two bras that I knew I would get a lot of wear out of but I also had the most amazing experience within the store and well the bras are Victoria Secret - what do you expect?! To my joy as I'd purchased two bras that day I got a £15 gift voucher to spend on my next visit too, which I thought was pretty good indeed. 
So overall Victoria Secret was amazing - not just the products they sell but also they're entire shopping experience and I just felt like I had to share it with you all :)

Have you guys ever been to a VS store?

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