31 January 2015

Primark Skincare Range

Hi guys!  
Today's post is going to be my first impressions/review on the Primark skin care range; P.S I Love Your Skin. If you follow me on twitter you'll know how much I've been moaning about my skin recently and how bad it's got! So I have literally gone skincare mad and brought anything and everything insight to try and sort out my face and to my great pleasure when I was Primark last weekend I came across the Primark skincare range - hoorah!
 I thought great, a large range of products and it's only going to cost me around £10 for the lot - yep you read that right boys and girls - TEN POUNDS!
All of the products that I brought were;
- Gentle Facial Wash
-Oil Balancing Face Scrub
-Gentle Daily Moisturiser 
- 8 Hour Deep Hydration Mask 
- 8 Hour Deep Moisturising Cream
- 24 Hour Deep Hydrating Cleansing Lotion 

I have used the majority of these products everyday or at least every other day for just over a week and If I'm really honest...I actually think they've made a difference to my skin! I've had really bad small spots on my forehead and really oily eyes and chin area - which is very odd as I've never had skin this bad before?
But as of yesterday I noticed that 1. the spots were almost completely gone, 2. my eye area was infact normal and not over oily and 3. my chin area had completely cleared up! Now for me this is a clear sign that these products are working wonders with my skin. 
 Okay first things first the packaging is beautiful - pastel lace ...need I say more?! All of the products smell of what I can only describe as the Body Shop Vitamin E Creams - I know very odd comparison but I swear they have the exact same scent. It smells very clean, fresh but not over powering, it's almost a comforting scent.  I think it's because these products include such a fantastic range of ingredients some including Vitamin E, Seaweed, Aloe, Tee Tree and Zinc. 
A lot of the products are 'Gentle' to the skin as well which I love and truly believe - the face wash doesn't lather over excessively, the face scrub doesn't feel like your rubbing sandpaper over your face and the hydration mask doesn't make you feel like your face has been pied with a bucket of oil. Trust me  I have tried products that really do make my skin feel like those things.
Through out the week I just kept thinking to myself how were these products so cheap? It seemed like things were just too good to be true - Have I really found a new skincare regime that works and is only £10?! *Maybe I really do have a fairy godmother out there* 

Now If I had to recommend my top three products it would be;
1. Oil Balancing Face Scrub
2. 24 Hour Deep Hydrating Cleansing Lotion 
3. Gentle Daily Moisturiser 
Don't get me wrong I enjoy all of the products but these three I really think are the Dream Team.

The Face Scrub is something that I haven't really come across before, previously when I've used a face scrub they tend to be quite harsh with quite large pieces of salt/beads inside - often making this irritate your skin more. But this scrub looks and feels just like a lotion but includes teeny tiny beads and believe it or not these actually do make a difference although they feel soft on my face I feel like it helps to get into my pores and help with the battle of the blackheads.  
The Cleansing Lotion blew me away completely, it is currently my number 1 make-up remover. It includes Moroccan and Argan Oil which I found very interesting as I've only ever used oils in my hair but clearly it works wonders for the face too!  It's so soft and gentle yet it removes the reddest of lipsticks, the blackest most waterproof mascara and it even gets rid of my eyebrows - trust me that ain't an easy product to get off at the end of the day! 
And Finally the Daily Moisturiser. Now if you watch my videos you'll know that my one true love is the Nivea Express Hydration Primer but I think that this Primark Moisturiser is going to be a big bit of competition. I love it just as much as my Nivea Primer. It doesn't make my face feel 'wet' after using it and the product soaks in perfectly to my skin giving me a really refreshed smooth finish. You only need a tiny piece and trust me it goes along way. I've been using this when I wake up and before I put on my makeup and well it seems to be doing a pretty good job. This is also dermatologically tested - thats always a good thing! 
So this what my first impressions/review of the new Primark Skincare range. Have you tried any of these products - whats' your favourite piece? :)

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