24 February 2015

Beauty Happy Hour with YouTube

Hi Guys!
So recently I was invited to go up to the YouTube Creator Space and attend a beauty evening - of course I wasn't going to say no! 
I had planned to meet up with my lovely friend Bonnie before hand and we'd arranged to meet up in Victoria station at around 5pm. Unfortunately due to rubbish weather and serious traffic delays I didn't get into London until 7pm! which meant I'd been on my coach for over 4 hours Eek!  I finally got to the station met up with Bonnie and off we went on our way! 
Luckily the night wasn't too time structured it was more of a "drop in" event. The night was couple of hours long and boasted a variety of beauty activities in each of the Studio Rooms. The night also included talks from Youtubers such as the beautiful Anchal talking about sounds and how to improve your videos.
There was a photographer in one room who had an amazing set up. With his strobe lights, fan and photography techniques he could make you look like the next face to hit Vogue - seriously. 
There was also a nail bar, where three girls were creating the most beautiful nail designs - I was extremely jealous I didn't have time to get my nails done, they had the most steady hands I have ever seen! 
 There was also a room where two lovely girls were creating hair masterpieces. Girls were walking out of that room looking like rainbow princesses...no joke. I went in and came out with some beautiful deep and pastel pink low lights - I LOVED it! Unfortunately the colour was wash out but still for one night only I looked like a pink princess. The girl who did my hair used some Bleach London hair crayons so I am definitely going to picking some of those up on pay day! 
There was also lots of super yummy goodies scattered around the place and a free bar - although I was very proud of myself and only had fruit and just had soft drinks - go me! 
In the room where the YouTuber talks were happening they had turned the studio into a pop up kitchen and living room - it looked so homely and comfy - I definitely had some interior design light bulb moments! It was in here where I spent most of my time chatting away to different girls and boys and swapping channel names and talking about our favourite YouTubers. I also met the most lovely girl - I believe her name was Ximena, but I could have totally spelt it wrong, anyway here's her channel if your interested in checking her out :).

I took a fair few snaps of the evening and just thought I'd share them with you!



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