5 February 2015

Believe In Yourself

Hi Guys,
So today I wanted to do a slightly different post to usual. More recently I've been thinking about life in general (yikes I hear you say she's getting deep - I know but stay with me on this one). It makes me sad to see that so many people are brought down by such small things and how people never give them selves any credit anymore. I think that now in this day and age social media is the biggest it has ever been and although this is fantastic it also has it's down falls. I know for a fact I'm fed up of seeing the hate that floats around here there and everywhere and how now it's not just in your everyday life but online too, and I'm pretty sure you guys are too. 
It's so sad how sometimes one nasty comment can bring down the walls and crumble someone for good, it's so heart breaking that one wrong word can make someone blind to the thousands of nice  things that surround them.   

So I wanted to do a post that shares with you how I manage to ignore the bad parts of life and how I keep the hate out of my life for good! Now the three most important words in this whole post are: Believe In Yourself. I know this may seem very cliche or simple but believe me when I say changing your frame of mind can have the biggest impact of your life. 
The first step of avoiding the negative circle is starting with you and your frame of mind. If you start to listen to all the negative things and you start to think or relate to these things, then you're already being sucked in to the circle of hate before you even realise. But if you say to yourself that 'I know I can do this' then that is the first step of ignoring half the negative comments that are going to come your way, so what if someone says you can't do it, so what if someone laughs at you for trying - at the end of the day if you believe in yourself and you believe then you can do it - then you can!  
The biggest key in life is simply believing in yourself. This small but simple thing is so so powerful and this frame of mind will turn almost every negative thing that you come into contact with into a positive.  

This year I've been on a real roller coaster of hate  'Don't buy a house you're wasting your money' 'You're too young to buy somewhere' 'Why are you getting a new job? ' 'Why do you do weird videos on makeup'. 
Well because I believe in myself I know that  I'm a perfect age to buy a house, I have the money to buy a house so why not!, I'm going to take a risk and get that new job to develop my career, I Love filming videos about make-up and getting involved with the Makeup community. 

Seriously you guys I never do 'serious life talk' posts but I really wanted to share with you how just having a different frame of mind and believing in yourself can have the biggest impact ever. 
So remember if you ever start to face negativity or get sucked in too deep, just take a step back and remember to Believe In Yourself
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