12 February 2015

Feeling Crafty

Hi Guys!
So the other day I decided to get crafty and make these beautiful floral letters for my flat. I always see  these letters being sold online on esty or ebay but I kept thinking I'm sure I could make those myself and do you know what I could and it was super cheap and seriously easy to make :)
Okay first things first your going to need;
-Some 3D cardboard or wood letters, I opted for cardboard and these were £1 each from HobbyCraft.
-Some paper mache, You can get this again from HobbyCraft, I opted for a beautiful Cath Kidston Design.
-Some PVA Glue mine is bog standard kids PVA glue that was £1, again from HobbyCraft. 
-Finally you'll need a paint brush of some sort, I just found an old one lying around and of course you'll need some scissors 
So the first thing you need to do is make sure the piece of paper mache is large enough to fit around your letter. 
Now you'll need to coat one side of your letter in PVA glue - don't be afraid to get messy here either. You can then start to wrap the paper ache around the shape of the letter, I found it easy to use my hands to mould the paper to the letter and little tip here keep on adding that PVA glue! It doesn't matter if it goes on over the top of the paper design as it dries clear anyway :)
And once you've covered your letter I'd recommend leaving it to dry overnight and then adding another layer just so that none of the cardboard colour is showing through , and well you guys that's it! It really is a super simple and cheap way to spruce up your home :)

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  1. Oh wow! These are gorgeous. Really loving the cath kidston vibe x


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