30 October 2014

FABB Events Birmingham

Hi Guys, 
So on Sunday I went along to the FABB bloggers event in Birmingham. Now if you're not sure what FABB events is, it's two girls, Ray and Torr, who arrange blogging events that bring brands and bloggers together. The great part is you don't know what brands will be at the event until you arrive so there's a great element of surprise. 
The event was held in Alfie Birds in the Bustard Factory - it was such a perfect location, there were multiple floors to explore and the venue also provided food and drink if needed. There was a real rustic feel to the place which I loved and just at the entrance of the building there was a small pool with seating around. 
 Now there were so many amazing different brands at the event - but 2 that really stood out to me were StyleSkin Fur and MeMeMe Cosmetics. I had never heard of StyleSkin before but oh my gosh I'm glad I know about them now! They have the most beautiful range of fur bags, gilets and jackets. I feel head over heels in love with a monochrome gilet *hurry up payday*.
 MeMeMe Cosmetics had a truly amazing stand, I had heard of this brand before but never really tried the products. I'm genuinely so impressed with the range of make up that they offer and colour ranges and I'm so excited to try out the products in my goody bag from them! 
Now there so many other amazing brands were at the event - I've shown a few photos below to show little snippets of what the event was like and what brands were there. I also had a photo with Tor who amazingly pulled this event together. (Go & check her out here!)
 I would definitely recommend going to a FABB event if one pops up by you! For £10 a ticket you really can't go wrong :)
I've also done a video showing what was in my good bags in more detail - I warn you though it's a good 20 minutes long so grab a  cuppa before you start watching.

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