27 April 2014

Matte Lipstick Love

Hi Guys, 

So today I bring you a true beauty budget product. For a while I've been on the hunt for some matte lipsticks, I never used to be a fan but more recently it's all I can see on Pintrest, Instagram and I must admit seeing all these pretty matte lip looks I wanted to get in on the action! 
So I set out and managed to find four AMAZING colours.
These lipsticks are from MUA, I got mine at Superdrug and they only cost £1 each! Yes you did read that right only £1! That's only a hundred pennies - such a bargain!

So the colours that I got, from left to right, Totally Nude, Pouty Pink, Lilac Belle and Scarlett Siren. As you can see these lipsticks are actually really pigmented, especially for only being a pound! My personal favourite is Lilac Belle, it's a very adventurous colour for me but I think that
now it's Spring it's acceptable to try and pull off lilac lips. 
One thing I will add though is that because these are matte lipsticks they are very drying, so girls   make sure you moisturise your lips before applying this lipstick - we all know chapped lips and dry lipstick are one of the worlds biggest no go's. 

I thought I had to share this find with you all, as well or £1 you just can't go wrong :)
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