20 March 2014

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

Hi Guys,
So the sun has finally made an appearance here in the UK , and this means one thing. Spring is on it way, So in honour of the great British weather I thought I'd do a Spring themed post. Now I love Spring soon as I see all the flowers blooming and the trees starting to go greener and the sun staying out longer I think yay! Skirts, frilly socks and pastels.
Now I don't care what year it is or what the current trend is for me pastels will always be a Spring favourite, I think that they just get your nails ready for the Bright summer colours to come and ease them away from the red, greys and glitters of winter.
It was pretty easy getting my top 5 spring nail polishes and coincidently they all happen to be Essie Polishes! (Looks like Essie is a favourite nail brand).
So From Left to Right My top 5 colours are; (& this is in favouritism order too)
 Mint Candy Apple, now I know every blogger and her dog has this polish but I think it is just the perfect colour for Spring, it's fresh, bold but still subtle and just adds that perfect pop of colour to any outfit.
Nail polish number 2 is Go Ginza, now this is the newest polish out of the 5 but I love it just as much. this is a muted lilac and just screams sophistication, this is perfect for the more formal affairs.
Next up Bikini So Teeny, I have no words for this beauty of a nail polish, it's in between a purple and a blue has gorgeous teeny tiny  iridescent glitter throughout and I find if I'm ever unsure what colour to paint my nails this one always seems to make an appearance.
Roll up polish number 4, We're in it together. Now girly girls of the world this ones for you, what better way to bounce into Spring than with the perfect pink. This colour was made for spring time it's the perfect balance between a true pink and pastel pink and has subtle glitter running throughout and when it caches the light it looks divine.
Now last in line is the infamous Fiji. Girls what can I say about this - we all know it and we all love it, the perfect mix between a nude and a pink and this colour matches everything.
So girls what are your top spring colours?

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