16 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lip gloss Review

Hi Guys, 
So most of you will know the amazing Tanya Burr has recently brought out her own make up line which includes a range of lip glosses and nail polishes. 
Now as soon as I heard about this new launch I immediately got way over excited, first off Tanya is one of my favourite go to beauty gurus and secondly lip gloss is my favourite make up piece, so for me, this news was music to my ears.
I ordered the products from feel unique, and got five lip glosses and one nail polish. The lip glosses are priced at £6.99 each and the nail polish £5.99, so I think they're completely reasonable prices - I've also heard that the products will soon be launched in Superdrug! (this may be dangerous for my purse...) 

So now on to the good stuff, the lip glosses I ordered were; Afternoon Tea, Smile Dream Sparkle, Aurora, Picnic in the Park and Exotic Island. (In exact order as shown in the photo's below) The nail polish I got is called Midnight Sparkles, and as you can see the packaging for the products are so utterly beautiful (I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging!) 
  Here are some swatches of the glosses, again as in the same order shown in the photographs above, the first image below is without flash and then with flash underneath.
So as you can see the glosses are so super pigmented! The formula is extremely soft and moisturising, the gloss is pretty standard when it comes to lasting power it stays for a few hours, which is fine we all know that gloss needs re-applying through out the day anyway. 

My current favourites are Afternoon Tea and Exotic Island. Afternoon Tea is quite simply the most perfect lip gloss for a Sunday, it such a perfect mix between a nude and a pink and it's so wearable with any make up look, on a Sunday I like to wear more relaxed "no make-up, make-up look" and this lip gloss just makes everything look so pretty. Exotic Island is more of a fun gloss that adds a cheeky pop of colour, I think that if your lips look good then the rest of your make up will naturally go along and if your lips look pretty it gives the illusion you've spent a long time on your make up.

Overall I really do love these glosses and I will 100% be buying more!
I can't really say too much about the nail polish yet as I haven't had a chance to use it, but soon as I do I will keep you all updated!

Have any of you guys brought any of Tanya's products?



  1. These look like lovely products. I loved your review and followed your blog to read more later. Would love you to pop over to mine at http://www.lippylikes.com and say hi x

  2. You have a lovely blog! I've been trying to get my hands on some of Tanya's lip glosses for ages! Followed on bloglovin :)

    All Things Elsie


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