2 September 2013

September Wish List

Hi Guys, 
So this month I am completely skint! I somehow ended up paying off two holidays, not that I'm complaining as I'm sure I'll be loving life when I'm on the beach sipping cocktails! But anyway from paying these off it has left my purse looking pretty bare, so I decided to create my wish list of September. I am hoping to get these items eventually but for now I'm just dreaming of having them. 

1. Redken Diamond Oil around £30
As I've been taking care of my hair recently I've really got into my hair oils - I've always wanted to try Redkens product but none of their current products really drew me in. When I heard about this oil it caught my attention immediately & I've already heard so many good things around it, I definitely need to add this to my hair care routine! 

2. AX Paris pink laser cut play suit
I first saw this play suit being papped on Lucy Meck from Towie, I instantly thought it's probably way out of my price league so I didn't even bother to look into where it was from. I then saw a friend on Facebook wearing the same play suit - I asked her where it was from and when she replied New Look, I got so excited! I think that this play suit is the perfect barbie pink and would look amazing with a tan. 

3. Primark Sequin Dress £15
I know that we've literally only just hit September and the summer is still lingering around BUT I'm not ashamed to say I'm super excited for autumn and winter to hit. I Love my winter wardrobe and especially the night wear. It's all about the sparkles, glitter and sequins & I think that this dress screams winter ball. For £15 it's a steal, I need to get my hands on this beauty.

4. Primark Tartan Dress £15
I have a sneaky feeling that this year Primark are going to be ahead of the game with their autumn/winter collection, every piece I've seen so far looks amazing and bang on trend. I look on "Look Magazines" on-line site regularly to have a mooch at what Primark's got coming up - it's definitely worth taking a look, well I found this treat and I need it in my life, tartan,collar, bow all in one, this is just too cute for words.

5. Juicy Viva La Juicy Noire 30ml around £35
I'm a big fan of a lot of the Juicy perfumes but most of my perfumes are very "summer" scented smelling highly of floral and fruit fresh scents. I wanted something more mature a bit more suited to the weather and the winter season coming up, I smelt this and the scent of sandalwood and berry definitely grabbed my attention - delicious.

6. Charlotte Tilbury colour coded eye shadow palette - The Dolce Vita £38
Okay so this product really is high up on my wish list - from the moment I heard about these eye shadows I needed one in my life - for £38 it does sound pretty pricey but looking at how beautiful the colours are in this palette you could get so much wear out of it. I'm well and truly in love and want want want!

7. Three Floor Fashion China Blue Dress £178
Three words for this dress: ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! I am so in love with this dress but I just can't bring myself to spend so much on one item. I must admit I have been looking around and especially on Ebay they're are a few good replica dresses going round - I'm hoping maybe Topshop or Zara will come up with a similar design and at least then it'll be more in my price range!

So what are you wishing for this month?! 



  1. You compiled some great picks, i loved reading through this post, lovely post and blog xoxo

  2. The Three Floor dress is to DIE for!




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