5 September 2013

Autumn has almost arrived.

Hi everyone, 

So one good thing about September is that Autumn is almost here, the first leaves from the tree's have started to fall and X-factor is back on my TV. Now I thought I'd do a post of some of my favourite staple Autumn things both fashion and beauty wise. 

The main thing I love about this season is jumpers! Jumpers are probably my favourite piece of clothing. You can switch them up or dress them down. I love wearing very plain basic jumpers and having collars  poking out from underneath, or wearing a huge statement necklace or even layering them with scarves. 
I love how you can wear a summer dress, pull over a jumper and 'voil√†' you have turned your summer dress into an Autumn outfit. & of course I love a good slouchy jumper - everyone has those days were you just want to snuggle up and feel cosy. 

Bringing my jumpers back towards the front end of my wardrobe also excites me for winter (I'm not going to lie I am already thinking about Christmas..yes I said it...CHRISTMAS!) I do love a good snowman jumper :)

Now I mentioned layering jumpers with scarves and that brings me to another Autumn favourite. I have way too many scarves for one girl. I love that you can be wearing the most boring of outfits and yet a colourful scarf or a scarf with a good design or print can completely transform your outfit. I also love having my leather jacket on with a scarf hanging either side. Of course I'm talking about cotton scarves not the thick woolly ones. Also as it is getting colder now I guess the scarves are rather good for keeping  that chill away in the evenings, although I much prefer to use scarves for their looks rather than their job to keep us warm. 

Another staple piece for the season leading off from keeping us warm is a coat. Every girl should have a good coat ready for Autumn, my personal pick for this season is a trench coat - it's still warm enough to keep you at a comfortable temperature but it's still light weight and easy to take around with you. 

& but oh course if your wearing the trench coat go and get the hat to match ladies. I'm loving the "floppy" hats right now, I don't have one at the moment but I need one! I saw Millie Mackintosh wearing one and that's when I decided they look amazing and I wanted one there and then. I think that hats are missed and forgotten a lot of the time, they add so much to an outfit and are such a key staple but ladies we are lacking showing them off! I put my hands up I am an offender of this too, I brought myself a bowler hat and definitely don't wear it enough, so yes this Autumn get the hats on girls!

So I can't really talk about Autumn without mentioning footwear. Now I love summer but I hate the footwear, don't get me wrong sandals are lovely - but I'm not a feet person so seeing everyone girl, man and their dog with their toes out kind of freaks me out!! So Autumn footwear is a big thumbs up from me - BOOTS! I love boots, weather they be brown, black, tall or small, heeled or studded, round or pointed I just can't get enough of them. It was so hard trying to limit the endless styles of boots down to a favourite specific pair but I think I'll be going with a heeled Chelsea boot. They are so versatile, can be worn casually or dressed up for a night out, they match dresses, jeans, disco pants basically everything! These boots are 100% a must have and if you don't have a pair...well why not, go and get some :)!  

Okay so last thing I must mention beauty. A great thing about the shorter days and cooler evenings is the make up switch over. My hot neon pinks and booming bright corals all get tucked away for the next summer and all of the plums, deep fuchsias and dark reds come out. I love purple lipsticks and a personal favourite is Plum Passion by Loreal for me this shade of plum matches my skin tone, doesn't make my teeth look horrible and just looks lovely! I was so nervous to try a shade of lipstick out side of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I did as now it's my favourite - I'd recommend giving the plums a chance this season, if you haven't already done so.
      Another plum themed make up item - eye shadow, I love deep purples, cranberry's and golden chocolate brown colours. These colours suit the Autumn mood so well and they really make me feel like I'm living and breathing Autumn. 

So what are your staple items for this coming season?

----Jumper; River Island. Scarf; River Island. Chelsea Boots; Missguided. Hat;Miss Selfridge. Lipstick;Loreal Plum Passion. Eyeshadow;Charlotte Tilbury The Vintage Vamp----


  1. I cant wait to wear my coat and big warm jumpers and scarves, autumns my favourite time of year :)

    Following you, would love you to follow mine back.


    Frankie xXx

  2. your blog is beautiful my love if you have any free time please check out my blog & follow if you enjoy :D
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