26 September 2013

My Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

Hi Guys,
Today I thought I'd share with you my top 5 lipsticks for Autumn. I love Autumn make up colours, the burgandys, plums and chocolate browns. I didn't always like the darker autumn colours though I used to be so scared to try another lipstick colour that wasn't pink. I used to have images of myself looking like Wednesdays sister from the Adams family If I had a dark lip on. But no, one day I broke free of my pink ways and ventured into the Purple realms, and ever since I've never looked back.

I think a plum lipstick can really look lovely and if you find the right tones of purple to match your skin they can be super flattering on the teeth!

So here are my top 5's, now let me tell you this wasn't easy to choose! 

Okay so from left to right I have: 1. Kate Moss Rimmel 20 ( but I believe this is no longer number 20 as all the number got re-aligned) 2. Mac Plumful. 3. Max Factor Lilac Wine 665. 4.Famous, shade 9 Amethyst. 5. Loreal Plum Passion.

Now just because I'm super ditzy I didn't actually swatch the lipsticks in the order I photographed them - I know I'm so blonde! So from left to right above swatched there's: 1. Mac Plumful.
2. Famous, shade 9 Amethyst. 3. Max Factor Lilac Wine 665 4. Loreal Plum Passion 5. Kate Moss Rimmel 20.

I love all of these lipsticks and the majority of them are under the £10 mark!! 

So what's your favourite Autumn Lipstick?


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  1. I love burgundys for the autumn! Good post :)

    Www.frankiebooxx.blogspot.co.uk xxx


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