28 September 2013

Collection work the colour eye shadow pencils

Hi Guys, 
So Today my post is on the Collection work the colour eye shadow pencils.  Recently I've been loving alternative eye make up, like these eye pencils and eye shadow cream pots instead of the usual basic eye shadows. These pencils are really smooth and glide on beautifully. They are so purse friendly at only £3.19 each! 

I brought the following colours, thinking that these were colours that I wouldn't normally go for - I usually grab a black and a brown and that's me so this time I decided to branch out.

The colours above are (From left to right) Denim Diva, Vintage Blush, Gunmetal Glitz, Vanilla Sky.

These colours are so beautiful, I think that Vanilla Sky is going to be so beautiful to put in the corner of your eyes. These colours glide on and blend so easily, they can be used as liners to give a small pop of colour or as a base for your eye shadow or even on their own smudged out. 

These are great for if your running late and need a quick make up fix. They last a decent amount of time and are great to have handy in your hand bag, I'd definitely recommend these!

Have you tried any type of eye shadow stick?


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