15 September 2013

Drug Store Hero

Hi Guys :)
So when it comes to drug store brands hands down my favourite is Rimmel and this year in particular they have brought out some amazing products (Apocalips & Wake me up foundation I'm talking to you). But I think that I often forget about the other drug store brands, usually when I pop into Boots or Superdrug I'll go straight to the Rimmel stand, and ignore everything else around me. 
So recently I've been going a bit drugstore mad. I've brought items from Loreal, Barry M, Revlon, Maybelline, Collection 2000 basically them all! & I've found I have a new drug store brand hero. Maybelline

I can't believe how blind I've been to this brand, I know that Tanya Burr swears by their Falsies Mascara but apart from that I didn't know too much about the brand or products. 
Anyway I've been buying their products for the last couple of months now and thought I'd share with you my top 3 favourite Maybelline products. (Actually I had 4 favourites but I did a whole separate post on my ultimate number 1 Maybelline Product click here to read all about it!)
My top 3 products are: Brow Drama, Colour Tattoos & Expert Wear Mono eye shadows.

1. The Brow Drama is a recently new product for Maybelline, it's priced at £4.99 (BARGAIN) and is a finishing wand for brows. I've recently got into "grooming" my brows so I was keen to get my hands on it quick. At first I did have my doubts thinking how would this be different from using a clear mascara but it is just so much more! The wand shape has a ball on the end and it's really easy to match the shape of your brows, the formula is quite thick and I like this - it allows you to build up the amount of colour you want on your brows. 
I use this with my brow pencil and HD brow kit, all 3 make my brows perfect!

2. The Colour Tattoo eye shadow creams are amazing you guys, I have been using these for a good few months and I just can't get enough of them. The colour range is brilliant, the colour pay off  and pigmentation is great and the staying power really is all day. 
Again these are extremely purse friendly at just £4.99!!! Such an amazing price and this is the type of product that really will last you. 
I currently have 7 colours and I want so many more!

The shades I brought were; metallic pomegranate, eternal gold, on and on bronze, 24k gold, light in purple, turquoise forever, immortal charcoal. 
I use these almost every day now and they're great for bases or being used on there own if you're in a rush! 

3. So finally my last product from Maybelline is the Expert Wear Mono eye shadow.   These eye shadows are only £4.09, and you get a lot of product. I chose three colours to show you guys, these are ones that I find myself reaching for more often and I guess they're those sort of colours that you can wear everyday. 
From left to right: Iced Fudge, Silken Taupe, Beige Nude/Naked Beige

So there you have it my top 3 Maybelline products & they're all under £5. 
Have you tried any of these before?



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  2. i really want to try the brow drama but I wasn't too sure about it definitely going to give it a try now! thankyou xx



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