15 June 2015

First Impressions: Benefit License To Blot

Hi guys,
So today I had to share with you a new found holy grail product - I know exciting stuff! 
So for my birthday my boyfriend brought me the new Benefit License To Blot. I was so excited as I'd wanted to try this for a few weeks now but just hadn't got the chance to get my hands on it. 
Now let me just pre warn you this product is a serious life changer. 
If you're like myself and have very oily/blotchy skin then this product will be a dream for you.
I apply this after my moisturiser and primer but before my makeup and I only apply it to my T-zone. So on a normal day after around 3-4 hours of wearing makeup my T-zone will start to 'change'  and the oh so familiar oily face blotch patches will start to appear, normally at this stage I'd go into the nearest bathroom and well it's time to re-apply the foundation and powder. 
However - the first day I used the license to blot I went out for a meal and after around 5 hours of wearing the product I realised I didn't have the need to top up my makeup and I realised - THERE WERE NO BLOTCHY PATCHES - Hoorah! 
So I didn't want to get my hopes up too high thinking if this this new product could be the answer to my over oily face prayers but after 3 days of wearing this product I can honestly say it's a game changer. 
My face no longer blotches and I genuinely believe that this has reduced the oil in my skin and reduces the awful blotchy oily look. I'm so over the moon that I've found a product that works so well  & I would definitely recommend it to you fellow oily skinners! 

You can buy the license to blot here. It's only £15.50 and it is worth every penny.
Have you tried this product yet - what are your thoughts? 

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