21 June 2015

Cocoa Brown Fake Tan Review

Hi guys,
So today I thought I'd share with you  one of my new loves in life - Cocoa Brown Fake Tan*. 
Now if your anything like me and you LOVE being bronzed then carrying on reading...
Now I have actually tried Cocoa Brown's tanning mousse a while back but I felt like it sort of dropped off my radar, until recently of course. 
I've been using the new dark shade in the 1 hour tan mousse. Firstly I always pick up the darker shades in fake tans and to be honest most of the time I do end up being slightly orange tinted but I found with this tan as it had a sort of olive undertone I didn't get the usual 'orange' glow. 
The tan says to apply it and leave it on for an hour, I left mine on for around an hour and a half and then washed it off and throughout the day I found that the tan was still slightly developing ( which I loved). The tan does say that you can leave it on for up to 3 hours for a really intense look but I found that after the hour and a half I had most definitely got darker - as you can see in my before and after photos below.

I think that this tan is great as it literally does change colour within the hour so if your ever in a rush to get ready this is perfect. 

Now one thing that really suck out for me was the scent of this tan - it smells of cucumber and sort of minty which I LOVED, we all know that there's nothing worse than having a tan that smells of biscuits, we've all been there girls. So it was really refreshing to have a nice clean freshly scented tan. 

Another point I like about this tan is that it's mousse, now if I had to choose one fake tan formula for the rest of my life it would be mousse, don't get me wrong I don't mind  a spray or lotion but I just find myself always reaching for a mousse option. I feel like the mousse sinks into your skin a lot smoother and it gives you less chance of having streaks.

This tan also comes with a very dark guideline colour which personally I love as I can see if I've missed anywhere!  

I've been using this tan for the past week and I've been seriously loving life on the sun kissed side. The tan is only £7.99 and you can pick it up in Superdrug, Primark or the Cocoa Brown website. 

Have you tried this tan yet? 

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