28 April 2015

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Review

Hi Guys,
so today I thought I'd do a review on the new Barry M Sunset Daylight curing nail polishes. Now when I first heard about these I instantly got super excited - as would any nail addict. I thought yay finally a gel like polish that's going to be affordable! 
Now first of all let me say the colour selection for these polishes are beautiful and I literally spent about 25 minutes just staring at the Barry M stand in my local boots trying to decide what colour I liked most *did I need another pink in my life, coral would be perfect for spring, oh perfect red* 
I opted for the red in the end, this one is called 'Out of my red'. 

So there I was happy as can be  a new nail polish and may I add, in Boots it was buy one get one half price on Barry M, so fair to say I was pretty chuffed and excited to try out my new purchase.

When I got home I read through the instructions, 2 coats of the nail paint and then one coat of the topcoat. So I did exactly what I was directed to do and well I guess my nails were okay. I definitely didn't think it was very 'gel like' though, which is what I had expected. I also thought that the formula was very well "thin" is the only way i can describe it the polish came out almost streaky. 
Anyway I thought although it wasn't what I expected at least I have a nice new red shiny nail polish.  Now comes the bad part.... literally within 4/5 hours I noticed one of my nails had chipped at the end, hmm I thought maybe this was a one off but by the time my day had ended and I was ready for bed I looked down to find an appalling set of nails. So many different nails had now chipped and my nail polish looked like I'd had it on for weeks not a day?! 
So I took it all off and thought I'll try again tomorrow - maybe I read the directions wrong?
Well tomorrow came and I sat down and re-read the directions and again did exactly what it said but this time added a second top coat, but low and behold when it reached the end of the day some of my nails had chipped. I was so disappointed as this was a product that I really wanted to love! the Gelly Barry M nail polishes are some of my favourite formulas and I guess it just gave me really high expectations for this new Sunset range. 
Now although I was extremely disappointed with how the polish turned out on my nails - one thing I'll add is that I also applied this polish to my toes and 6 days later they are still intact and have NO chips ...I repeat NO CHIPS! So I can totally understand why there has been so many mixed reviews on these polishes. The more I think about it, on my toes they come into contact with nothing whereas my fingers, well I type in my everyday job, I go to the gym and I wash up - 3 big factors which don't mix well with nicely painted nails. 
So my advice to you would be if you have a very relaxed lifestyle and don't wash up go for it! Or if you want a nice nail polish for your toes this is definitely the polish for you, however if your an action girl who does a bit of anything and everything then I'd stay clear ...unless you like the chipped effect!

P.S Mammaful Zo also did an amazing review on these polishes if you want another view on them! You can find it here!


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