12 May 2017

Roots Away!

Hi Guys,
Todays post is all about hair roots - the bane of my life! Now its pretty clear I'm not a natural blonde and it really doesn't help when my super dark natural hair decides to have a growing spree, I feel like I'm always at the hairdressers paying for another T-section or half head these days and let me tell you it's getting pretty costly. So I decided to have a look around and see if there was anything that could hide my roots or at least make them less obvious, I just wanted something to help hide my roots for those last 2 weeks before pay day! 

And hoorah to my surprise there are LOADS of root hiding hair products, I genuinely spent 45 minutes in my local boots store walking up and down the same hair aisle picking up various items and swatching/spraying anything that had a tester available. The poor assistant in Boots actually asked me three times if I needed any help, she clearly thought I needed it or just wanted me out of the aisle (most likely the latter!) 

So after much picking and choosing I came home with 2 products; The John Frieda Root Blur (£9.99 on offer usually £14.99) and the Loreal Magic Retouch Root Touch up (£6.99).
 Now I choose these two products mainly because they claimed they did exactly what I wanted, hide my roots quickly and easily, but also because I noticed through all of the products out there it's either a spray or a powder form so I thought buying one of each was a fair test!  
 I've put below my hair with no product in (lord jesus I know the roots are bad!), then the second image is with the John Frieda Root Blur and third image is with the Loreal Magic Retouch. Please excuse the hair frizz I had to wash my hair in-between the product testing and my hair got very static (oops!)
Now after using both of these products the Loreal one is my favourite hands down, I think that it covered my roots the best, it took literally less than 60 seconds to do and it's only £6.99! The John Frieda one was good however the coverage just wasn't as good, and because it was a powder it took me a good 5/6 minutes trying to cover my roots with the brush they give you.  
I love how I could just spray and go quite literally with the Loreal product. I'd definitely recommend this for in-between your hairdresser appointments. I was so pleased with how thick the coverage was of my roots as my natural hair as you can see is such a dark brown, I can only imagine if you have grey roots coming through this spray would work even better! 
Both brands have their products in various different shades to match your hair colour, I choose Platinum to Soft Gold in the John Frieda product and Light Golden Blonde in the Loreal product. 

Overall I'm really pleased I've found something that will help hide my roots and it only costs me £6.99. Have you ever tried something like this? Let me know!


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