11 November 2013

Sensational Home Gel Nail Kit

Hi Guys!
So first things first I'm so sorry for not posting in like a month?! I've been super busy at work at the internet in my house recently has been rubbish! I'm currently at my boyfriends & thought right I need to get back to my blog.
I thought I'd share with you a product that I have been absolutely LOVING! My lovely momma brought me the Sensationail starter kit a while back, and I haven't really been able to put it to the test and really try it out. Where I live no where near me sold the colours individually. Finally they have now started appearing in the shops and so I picked up a couple of colours. I've now managed to really try out my home gel nail kit and put it to the test. 
Now I'm a real DIY kind of girl and if I think I can do something myself I will give it my all. I have tried gel nails from so many different brands from Ebay, to salon brands like TruGel. Each time I found that the gels just weren't the same as how they are when I get them done professionally. They would last a day then chip or curl up or worse..snap my real nail! (ouch!)

I started to use the Sensational kit and to be honest I didn't have very high hopes as I've been let down by so many other home gel nail kits. After 1 week I'd realised I'd struck gold. I love this kit - it actually genuinely lasts and looks like I've had my nails done professionally. It is so easy to apply and it really does last. 
Here you can see my nails after exactly 10 days - you can see how my nails have started to grow out, and how there are no chips! The only thing I will say about the gel is that it can be quite stubborn to remove! I've found lightly buffing over the nails then soaking cotton pads in nail polish remover (making sure it has acetone in it), putting the pads over the gels then covering with foil and leaving it for around 20 minutes helps to lift the gels so they're easier to peel off. 
The three colours I brought were silver glitter, blue yonder and raspberry wine. 
I'm hoping to get some more colours soon, as Boots currently have 3 for 2 on! 

The individual polishes are priced at £15 each from Boots and the starter kit which includes the lamp, a cleaner, some cotton pads, a mini gel polish and clear base and top cost is £69.99

I would 100% recommend this to you guys - I wouldn't bother with going to places like Ebay for gel kits, save your money and go get this!

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